You know how around this time of year people start posting their perfect family  pictures, with the perfect background, the perfect smiles and you look at those photos over and over again and you begin to feel like you must be the ONLY one who doesn’t have it all together. Wouldn't you like to know it all right now so you don't miss a thing? I know I certainly would. Well before I become grandma, I want to know what its like, so that I don't miss a thing. Obviously I can't speak from experience as a grandmother but
Video Family Film Sessions Book a family video session today...Don’t let me forget their littleness the moments when I find myself so luckyDon’t let me forget those little handsThat clutch me like I am everything they needDon’t let me forget
I want you to see my summer family video! This was my first full time summer home with my kids and by the time we got to today, the first day of school, I thought I'd be so excited to kick them onto the bus and out of the house for 8 hours of peace. But instead I'm genuinely grie
Here are the 5 questions you should ask your photographer before you and your family head into a family photography session. These 5 questions for your photographer will help save you time and money on your next lifestyle photography session. How long have you been in bu
Spring in Southern Ohio reminds me of a Bob Ross painting as he paints the leaves on all the happy trees. As I drive around day by day I see more paint put on the trees. It is my favorite thing about spring in Athens Ohio. Engagement sessions are really important to do befor
Katie and Adam met at Ohio University as students and came back with their two pups to enjoy some time on the beautiful campus in Athens Ohio. Katie told me that they wanted to be back in Athens as it "came to life" this spring. They timed it perfectly as spring was just rolling