One of my favorite parts about Christmas is all the cookies (am I right?). I was able to join this family as they prepare for Christmas. After the shopping is done it was time to make the cookies, all while reliving many years of memories as a child. Brittany recounts... &nb
Days upon days go on without even noticing. Time doesn't hold still, it just keeps going and before you know it has passed and you weren't even able to catch it. I find even the most normal of days to hold be such a treasure chest of memories. To be on the outside looking in on t
Alright so everyone naturally wants to cancel on a gloomy rainy day...but please first consider if it might work out to your advantage. A rainy day can add a lot of dynamics to your photographs. Adding an element that most people don't get during their session. Lets not forget th
You guys! My heart just bursts with joy seeing these pictures. This family loves going out in the woods to explore all the magic that God has given them out there. I hope that they can treasure these pictures in a few years and relive all the real moments that are so easily o
Dear mom, I know you are in there; in the dirt, grim and glitter of it all. Day after day. I know because I'm right there with you. "They" (whoever they are) say you will miss these days and sometimes I just can't and won't believe them. But when I step back and look back at the
I get a lot of clients who need a little help with ideas for their family or engagement photoshoot. Don't worry, I have all sorts of ideas for you and am happy to help you brainstorm even more. Here is a list of some ideas you could consider, followed by some questions to hel