JB comes from Alabama and Emily from Ohio. They met on the beach in Florida and now they come together as one through marriage in Granville, Ohio. They tell me "Both of us were so excited to have our friends and families together in one place. With so many family and friends comi
I want you to have my favorite recipe that I always share with new mom's. These energy bites are packed with so much goodness for mama's, especially if they are breastfeeding (but even if they aren't). They are really helpful for lactation with the oatmeal and flaxseed packed in.
Having a wedding during Cherry Blossom season is the ultimate goal of spring weddings in Athens, Ohio. So many people are always contacting me asking when I think they will bloom and can we get pictures with them. Unfortunately my answer is often, "I have no idea", there are so m
Father's day is coming up quick and as a mother I'll be the first to say that these guys don't get the credit they deserve. I just love this quote here; My father didn't tell me how to live; he lived, and let me watch him do it. Clarence Budington Kelland Dad's live life out
I know it's summer, so naturally I'm thinking about winter already and this wonderful winter elopement wedding on the streets of Athens, Ohio. No but really I was thinking if it's summer then you might be heavy in planning your winter wedding right now... and winter weddings can