Here are the 5 questions you should ask your photographer before you and your family head into a family photography session. These 5 questions for your photographer will help save you time and money on your next lifestyle photography session. How long have you been in bu
Spring in Southern Ohio reminds me of a Bob Ross painting as he paints the leaves on all the happy trees. As I drive around day by day I see more paint put on the trees. It is my favorite thing about spring in Athens Ohio. Engagement sessions are really important to do befor
Katie and Adam met at Ohio University as students and came back with their two pups to enjoy some time on the beautiful campus in Athens Ohio. Katie told me that they wanted to be back in Athens as it "came to life" this spring. They timed it perfectly as spring was just rolling
The best camera is the camera with you! Most likely this is your phone 99% of the time, so here are some phone photography tips and tricks. You can join me in my New Years Resolution to take more photos of my family. Would you like to know how to use your phone to do that? Here
Welcome to family Sabbath day. A day set apart from the rest of the week, a day to rest and enjoy each others company. I love how the Sieg family prioritizes this day. I loved that they invited me into this special day to document some of their memories. This is my favorite kin
No matter what your vision is for your photography session, one major decision (along with what to wear) is where in the world are we going to DO these pictures at, so lets talk location. I'm all about choosing somewhere that is super special and meaningful to you but if you are