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The best camera is the one you have with you

It's simple, the best camera is the one that you have with you. Which for most of us, including me is my phone. So lets learn a few things about taking better photos with our phones.

TIP 02


• Clean your lens

• Activate the grid on the screen

• Avoid using zoom feature

• Have medium screen brightness

• Turn off flash

Be in natural light, turn off artificial light

First things First

Rule of Thirds

Rule of Odds


The rule of thirds is a compositional rule that is designed to be of interest to the viewer. (This is why I said to turn the “grid” on in your camera phone) It is when the main subject of your photo is placed on one of these lines and better yet at the divergence of the lines

This rule says that when you are photographing objects that you should have 3, 5, 7 objects to make the photo more stable. This plate of cookies has 3 cookies to make a good composition

Leading Lines


grandma photography documentary session with family video

Uses an object to "frame" your subject to bring focus and attention to what is happening in the photo. Here the McDonalds window framed the mother playing with her daughter

When there is lines, usually a fence or row of tress form a line or lines to help your eye to travel down the photo and focus attention on your subject.

Change Perspective

Fill the Frame


When you are taking a photo of a scene try to also get the same photo from a few different angles. First get up high, get on a chair or something to shoot from overhead or lay on the ground and shoot up.

Fill the entire frame of photo with action. This will help narrow in on the details of the story you are trying to tell with less distractions from other things.

Above all else, use your phone photography to capture the action the love and the feels of being a part of your family and community

little girls playing together at family documentary film video session
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Change Perspective



Fill the Frame

family, morning, narrative, lifestyle, athens, ohio
pet photography with dog outdoors in natural light

Leading Lines

Fill the Frame

Capture Action

family video film maker columbus ohio photographer

Leading Lines

details- change perspective



What app should I get for my phone camera?


My go to application to actually take photos of my family memories is the camera app Pro Camera. Its can take both photos and video and has many options and versatility to "act" like my big camera

For editing the photo after I snap it I use Snap Seed. It is pretty basic and easy to use but has most of the features that I use in photo shop when I edit my photos on my phone.