Wedding Day Tips and Tricks

Here are some tips and tricks that I’m going to suggest to you. They are not rules, just some things that I have learned over the years of wedding photography.

Text or call me in the  morning if you need anything! 740-590-3340. If you get behind on your morning schedule, it’s going to be ok, I promise it happens ALL the time and we still get all the pictures we need throughout the day.

As you are planning the timeline of the day, take into consideration how long it will take me to get the different group shots (see below) as well as the time of the ceremony and reception. Please allow for a little wiggle room too. You will need to decide if you and your fiance want to do a first look before the ceremony, this can cut down on 30-45 min of pictures after the ceremony.
Timing Guideline
Groomsmen only first- 15 min
Bridesmaids only- 15 min
Whole Bridal party- 15 min
Family group shots-20 min- after ceremony
Bride and Groom only- travel to another location after the ceremony? 30-40min

  • I really prefer to do the bride and groom portraits after the ceremony so that you are more calm and relaxed now that your are MARRIED!
  • Try to keep the family group shots short and sweet. Include the bride and groom together in most of the shots, since you are married now and you are now part of the same family.

Getting Ready/Dressed

  • Get ready and do makeup near a window if possible
  • Try to keep at least a portion of the room clutter free (although this can also add to the documentary style photographs of the wedding)
  • Have all your jewelry, shoes, rings (wedding and engagement), flower bouquet, dress, invitations etc all in one place for me to get detail shots
  • leave at least a little makeup/hair touchups for me to capture, you can have some of it done before I get there, but let me get a few shots of you fixing and perfecting it
  • find a portion of the room that is open and clutter free for you to get your dress on. Have your bridesmaids get dressed before you get your dress on. Make sure your mom or maid of honor is there to help you get the dress on.
  • Don’t try to do everything, there are lots of people who are all there to help you and want to help you on this day
  • Tell the groomsmen to get their boutonnières on before their group pictures. Do you want the mother of the groom to be there to do this?
  • Think about exchanging letters or small gifts with your fiance
  • Think about having a moment before the ceremony that you and your fiance can talk or pray together even if you don’t actually see each other (either around a wall or blind folded)


  • If you think about it, discuss with your officiant if they have any preferences for the photographer. I’ve had a few that don’t want me to use flash or go down the center aisle. Most are completely fine with anything as long as I don’t interrupt, which I’ve been told I do a really good job of being unseen.
  • Don’t be afraid to stand close and hold your fiance’s hand during the ceremony, this looks alot better than you standing 3 feet apart from each other.
  • Laugh and be affectionate! It’s your wedding and you’re in love, don’t be afraid to show it!
  • Hold your kiss for a little bit, or kiss again. This way I can get a number of shots and different compositions.



  • Christmas lights are our friend! If you can incorporate these they really add to the ambiance of the reception
  • Let me know if you would like me to stop over at the reception site to capture the decor prior to the wedding and before people sit down and move everything around (this may add extra time to the timeline of the day)
  • I won’t take photos while people are eating (this is usually my 20 min of down time too), I let you and your guests relax during dinner. No one likes pictures with their mouths wide open. I also don’t usually go around to tables and take pictures of people sitting. I’d rather get pictures of people up and interacting or dancing.
  • try to have all the “Events” (toasts, cake, first dances etc) of the reception toward the beginning (after dinner) so that I can capture them all and then people can let loose and get their dance on!
  • Grab me at anytime if you want group shots with anyone