Outdoor Dairy Barn Wedding

January 6, 2019

A Dairy Barn wedding in Athens Ohio. Recounting a wedding day through photography is just as much fun for the photographer as it is the Bride and Groom… ok maybe not quite the same. But I do looove looking through the photos again and again. This fall wedding has been one of my favorites! I really enjoyed telling the story of this fall September day at The Dairy Barn in Athens Ohio.

Follow along with me as the Nikki and Josh remember their wedding day.

The day was so much more than I could imagine, I am such a planner and perfectionist so that is saying a lot for me. The day started off great for both of us, me with my girls getting ready, they did such a good job making me feel so special all day, bring all my fav breakfast and snacky foods, making a playlist, and going over and beyond to do whatever I needed all day while getting ready. It was so amazing to have all my favorite women in 1 room that I never get to see all together at once.

Josh also had a great relaxing morning and afternoon hanging out with all of his friends before it was time to move to the Dairy barn

Personally I don’t think it really hit me until I was in the car on the way to the Dairy Barn, and my brother in law asked me if I was nervous, I had so many emotions going through me at that time, but mostly just so excited to see Josh for the first time that day, and to become his wife. Once we got to the barn the main goal was to make sure Josh and I did not see each other, which was tougher than I thought because the boys would not stay in one place, but it all worked out.

Our niece Chloe started the ceremony off by singing, her singing is one of my favorite things in this whole world, her voice is so beautiful and brings us both so much joy.

I would have to say the next great memory from the day at pops out for both of us and we that we still laugh about was our niece Addy the flower girl falling going down the aisle, and Ella our other niece really taking charge of the whole situation coming back to get her, then still taking her job so seriously to get the flowers out of the basket by shaking them very vigorously, all while doing so with her dress stuck in her underwear. We both were losing it laughing at the whole thing, and that helped us both with our nerves at the time.

Next, I remember my dad turning to me and saying are you ready? my dad walking me down the aisle and watching Josh’s face when he first saw me, had to be my favorite moment of the day, my dad means the world to me and him giving me away to my soon to be husband at my wedding was so special.

I would have to say thinking back to our wedding the whole day just brings the biggest smile to my face, but if I had to pick one memory that brings me the most joy it would have to be my dad walking me down the aisle to my soon to be husband and seeing Josh’s face as I was walking down the aisle.


Fast forward through the ceremony which I felt was perfect timing, not too long or short, to our first kiss, Josh and I had kissed a million times before, but that first kiss as husband and wife is so different, so special, and just a perfect moment, there were so many people all around looking at us at that time, but all you see is each other in that one moment.

If I had to pick one memory that brings me the most joy from the day it would be our first kiss as husband and wife.


I found a love for me
Darling just dive right in
And follow my lead
Well I found a girl beautiful and sweet
I never knew you were the someone waiting for me
‘Cause we were just kids when we fell in love

“Perfect” by Ed Sheeran

To follow the first dance I asked my dad to give a welcome speech, I did not think it would be a big speech just a thanks for coming we love you, but my dad gave an amazing speech blew Josh and I away, it was so funny and heartfelt just like him, my dad is one of the best public speakers I know, and when he talks about our family who you can tell he is just so passionate and proud of, it’s always amazing!

Then when I thought this day just can’t get any better it was time for the speeches, Dillon went first, I was interested to hear Dillons speech seeing how we did not get along at all when we first met, but now he is like my brother and one of my best friends as well as Josh’s best friend, his speech was perfect, funny, witty, heartfelt, and true. It really made us both laugh and feel so loved.

Next was what I thought just my sister Erin my matron of honor’s speech, but it turned into a rap about Josh and I and how we met and our life, from all 3 of my sister’s Erin, Dawn, and Abby, which was just the best thing ever! It was so unexpected, but when Erin called up my other 2 sisters to be up there with her it was perfect and made me so happy, because I don’t have just 1 best friend/sister to be by my side all my sisters and I are so close and my best friend, so they all did need to be up there. I can not believe to this day they did that, and put so much time and effort into it all for Josh and I.

The last huge fun memory of the day that pops out to me would have to be the cake cutting, if you know Josh and I you know we are both SUPER competitive, so when the DJ said is this going to be naughty or nice, I think everyone knew there was going to be some cake smashing to the face. We cut the cake and as we lifted up the pieces to feed to each other I said to Josh “Let’s be nice” and he said “okay” then I went in and smashed it, maybe a little aggressively up and all over his face and glasses, he got me too, but I would def say he got it worse, the pic with cake on his face and the face he is making says it all, but we kissed and made up, and I’m sure he will get me back somehow.

The rest of the night was dancing, talking, drinking, and getting to see all of our amazing guest who came from all over to be with us on our special day! Oh and not to mention a huge highlight for me was my best friend from high school who now lives and is from Belgium flew in and for our wedding, if that is not real friendship I don’t know what is.The whole day in one word was PERFECT. Way more than either of us expected, and we could not be happier.

I have never seen a family love and care for one another like this family. I totally left this event glowing from ear to ear with happiness for Josh and Nikki and was elated to see the way that they love and care for one another.

Wedding Venue- Dairy Barn
Flower Vendor- Athens Kroger
Cake Vendor- Heavenly Confections
Catering- Salaam
Dress Boutique- Bridal and Formal (Cincinnati)
Photographer- Bflick Photography
Disc Jockey- DJ Aroc- Class A Sounds