Ohio Family Filmmaker

January 1, 2020

As a family filmmaker and photographer I filmed this family in their Cincinnati home in Madeira Ohio this summer. Lindsay had asked me if I thought she should wait to do their session when their youngest son was going to turn a year old and I said,

You should never wait to have photos and video taken of your family together, they will never be this little or act in these silly little ways again. Capture all that you can now

During my time with the Gebauer family we captured a normal Saturday morning in both family photographs as well as a moving family film and video. We played outside on bikes and with the baseball, then it was snack time and indoor playtime. Finally we transitioned back outside again to explore the backyard with their creek and the imaginary adventure bay from paw patrol. Time will tell how how much you will truly value this time in your life when you look back on it. The best stories grow out of the ordinary life.

Whats a family session like?

I love what I do as a family filmmaker and photographer, as I walk into your day, just like any other (except you know I’m coming and you might just make your husband put some decent pants on) and I photograph your life from the outside looking in, but the difference is I’m not in the thick of life right now with you so I can observe it through a different lens and I see the things you may not always see, like the embrace of a hug just after a fall or the touch of a hand as you walk together. These moments so often go unnoticed in the day to day but are valuable to your family story. Capture them today.

incorporating films into family photography sessions