Cap and Gown Graduation

March 2, 2022

Graduation Cap and gown photos have become pretty popular over the last few years. I think people realized how much hard work they put into getting a degree from Ohio University that they want to commemorate their hard work and FUN they had while living in Athens. A lot of the time a session will be a mix of wearing their graduation cap and gown or academic regalia as its formerly called!

Getting these cap and gown photos out of the way before your graduation/commencement day will make the day so much easier, knowing you won’t have to scramble for photos the day of and you can just soak in the day with ease.

Here are some tips for the perfect cap and gown graduation session.

Iron your Robes

Make sure your cap and gown are nicely steamed or ironed, if you take them directly out of the bag and to the photo session there is a good chance they will be wrinkled or creased.

Wear a nice dress or outfit under the robes so that we can open up the gown for some variety of poses

Get the “Mom Shot”

Your mom will appreciate a nice portrait or head shot to display at your party or on social media.

Include Friends

We know you didn’t get to the point in your life without your friends and the time you spent in Athens wouldn’t have been the same without your friends so lets include them in these memories!

Location that’s important to you

We can choose more than one location Around Athens Ohio that is important to you. We can also do an outfit change at this time.

Ohio University and Athens is full of many perfect locations for some cap and gown photos to remember your time here. We can start with photos on College Green or in front of the college you are graduating from, then move to Court Street for some classic photos. We could also celebrate in your favorite bar such as Jackie O’s or Redbrick or maybe a favorite Athens eatery or coffee shop such as Bagel Street deli or Donkey Coffee!