Cincinnati Family Photography and Film

January 9, 2020

I spent a Saturday morning in Cincinnati during a family lifestyle photography and film session. This family wanted their favorite weekend morning routine recorded, making waffles and having breakfast all together. I knew in the moments that I spent with them that these memories would no doubt be treasures for a life time. Kids only grow older and grow out of their quirky things they do. Of course new quirks and stages come ahead, but these young ones will be missed. Believe me I miss them all so dearly already.

What I love most as a Ohio family film and lifestyle photographer is that this same time next year this family won’t be as clumsy (you have to see the video above) and their voices will be more clear and a little more grown up. These photos perfectly capture their littleness right now. To have a treasure in photos and a moving family film is priceless

Create your very own family memories with your own traditions. Having trouble figuring out what you could do for your session? Reach out to me and I will help you recognize the moments you want to remember when you are 70 and your kids are grown.

Here is my own favorite waffle recipe to make for your own Cincinnati family. See more family photography sessions here.