Romantic Athens Ohio Wedding at the Zenner House

January 9, 2020

It doesn’t get a whole lot more romantic than this wedding in Athens Ohio this summer at an Athens favorite wedding venue location. Anthony and Bre celebrated their entire wedding day at the Zenner House on the east side of Athens. Wedding day preparations happened in a few of the many unique rooms in this house. The ceremony was performed happened up high in the garden with their wedding guests looking on. Then the side yard of the Zenner House hosted their catered dinner with toasts and much merry making. Finally, the pool house was used most importantly for cake and pool side for dancing. I thought for sure someone would end up in the pool, but everyone stayed dry at this Athens Ohio wedding.

The best thing about the Zenner House is that the photo options were endless. While this happened to be a sunny day in August, the house would have still given us ample locations for wedding portraits throughout all the special rooms. The library was especially incredible and sparked my creativity! I would definitely relive this wedding over and over again.

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