You are in there mom

May 13, 2017

Dear mom, I know you are in there; in the dirt, grim and glitter of it all. Day after day. I know because I’m right there with you. “They” (whoever they are) say you will miss these days and sometimes I just can’t and won’t believe them. But when I step back and look back at the pictures I have of my babies growing up I am beginning to think they might be right. I do miss sitting in my rocking chair with them held tight to my chest until they fall asleep and then slowly, very slowly, laying them in their crib. I miss baby food all over their face. I miss those little bitty toes with mud on them. I won’t forget the way they look at me. They watch me do everything from read my bible, brush my teeth and even sit on the toilet. I know you take pictures of your kids, but are you in the pictures with them?  Too much of a mama’s life goes undocumented and unseen.

Now it’s time to GET in there mom. Get in the pictures with your kids. Let them see you with them. After all you were there during hours of labor and birth. You were there when they spit up all over you. You were there the first time they read a book. You gave them 1000’s of baths. Cooked what seems like millions of meals. They can thank you for their thick hair, freckles and spicy personality. You have been everywhere with them, but I bet you have very few pictures of these moments. You and I won’t always be here, someday it will be too late to get in the picture. Everyone has a story. My passion is documenting that story.  I would be honored to capture yours through photographs.

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