What is a Family Film Anyways?

April 22, 2020

Family films are new to Ohio but what is a Family Film?

What is a family film?
A family film video is different than a photograph in the way that it allows you to relive the moments in color, with sounds and movement. Its a feeling memory. A real and tangible way to keep your memories for years to come. A highlight reel for this season of your life. Life changes so so fast you don’t want these days to slip by without being able to return to them again. What is it about these days that you won’t want to live without in 10-20-30 years?

Is it the way your son snuggles up on your lap when you read a bedtime book?

The way your daughter tells you “I love you”

Your favorite Saturday routine of making waffles in your PJ’s

How do we do a family film?
If you are remotely interested in a family film video session just let me know you want more information! You don’t have to come prepared with the idea yet, I will help you brainstorm the memories you don’t yet realize you won’t want to live without. We will have a consultation and plan your session. The week of your session don’t worry about your house being perfect or the perfect hair style. I promise that you and your home are perfect the way you are. I know how to move around and make your house look cleaner than it is and the right angles to make you look the best you can. Plus your kids won’t care about that in 20 years anyways! Then on the day of your session I will spend time with you while you make memories together. I will help you along the way to feel comfortable in front of the camera. After the session is over, I will deliver your photos to you first and then a few weeks later your finished family video through a digital link to share with your friends and family. Depending on your package you will also receive the photos and video in a real and tangible way to hold in your hands! Over the next 10-20-30 years your family will replay your video over and over and it will become a part of who they are.

What a Family Film session include?
• Session planning consultation
• Your session time
• High resolution images delivered in a digital download
• An artistically edited, unique 3-4 min moving family film of your session set to independent licensed music
• Tangible and hold-able memories in either an heirloom box or video portfolio (depending on collection selected)

Why should we do a Family Film?
Unfortunately time just continues to move forward without our permission. When we have that newborn baby wrapped up in our arms we are unable to stop time. We can record this season in time to return to again and again with a family film video session. Record the snuggles, kisses, hugs, toddling around, dancing, bedtime routines and Saturday morning pancakes. The best thing about a family film session is that you get a tangible way to return to this season in life with a video AND a photo collection of the day.

Beth is a family photographer based in Athens, OH but is able to travel throughout Ohio to places such as Cincinnati and Columbus. See all of my film work at my Vimeo Site