Cincinnati Ohio Family Film

November 24, 2021

As a mom, you are a part of your child’s life every single day — but oftentimes you are the one behind the scenes, doing all the little things that make a big difference in your family. It’s also the small moments of togetherness that make up the big love in your family. Those moments are what you yearn to find a way to remember — because you know it’s only temporary.

I know this from some personal experience now that my kiddos are 8 and 10! Many of the childhood things they used to do, like sneak down into my bed or ask me to pick them up and hold them on my hip. I think I miss picking them up the most. Its not like I knew that next Tuesday those things would stop happening. They stopped without me even noticing, until one day I recognized that they were gone and not coming back. You hate to see those days go, but you also welcome the new days coming ahead.

I love that this family welcomed a new baby into their home and they wanted to remember this time of their life doing some of the things they love the most, while also appreciating the everyday moments that can so quickly pass before our eye. They spent time together in their home with each other and grandpa too doing life together! Most importantly Mom wanted to be a part of the moments and to be known to her kids.

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