Ohio Lifestyle Newborn Photography

July 8, 2021

Here is what I love about Ohio lifestyle newborn photography. It’s asking you the way you want to remember your motherhood journey right now in this newborn phase of life? It’s a loaded question, isn’t it? You’re likely in the thick of it right now, wanting to hold onto the tiny details, but generally exhausted and forgetting to write them down. I get it. We’ve been there, and many of us may currently be there.

Motherhood is complicated. Sometimes we’re just trying to get through the day, but others we find ourselves asking, “how on earth did I get so lucky to become a mama to this/these kiddo(s)?!” From the moment you meet them, you instantly love this expansion of your family, this tiny human that now takes up so much space in your heart. Then you put in the work and watch them grow…from baby steps to big boy status, and before you know it, your sweet child has blossomed into a real person before your eyes. You are so proud, but often that doesn’t come without longing…longing for more time…with them, by yourself, both?

Every mother has a story about her journey, even when she’s knee deep in the every day – the cuddles, the negotiating, the meals, the worry.

I love capturing the everyday moments that will fly by before you know it.

While you’re here, I would love to share my favorite recipe for all the newborn moms out there. This recipe is perfect for filling your belly just a bit to tie you over during those late night feedings. Plus is you are nursing they promote lactation! Check out the recipe here.