Summer Zenner House Wedding

June 9, 2021

A spring wedding in Athens sings a song like this “This love is like the ocean that’s crashing over me It’s like falling rain on the dryest plains as far as eyes can see. This love is like no other, it’s right where I want to be Nobody loves you like I do”

I hear that there are only three weddings a year at the charming and unique Zenner House that is location in a cute little neighborhood in Athens Ohio. I often mention that I’m doing a wedding at the Zenner House and I show people photos and the majority of people don’t even know that this gem of a wedding and reception venue is even location in Athens. Its a hidden treasure that doesn’t disappoint as a wedding venue. Its got so many unique and special nooks and rooms.

For this wedding the bride and groom hired me to do both the photos and a 5 minute highlight film as seen above

DJ Aaron Thomas- AROC
Cake- Marlene Pooches, Coolville Ridge Atomic Ranch
Catering –Ty Williams, Ohio Foothills Catering
Florals -Caitlyn Moritz, Oak & Ivy Floral
Dress/Suit – Justin Alexander (Dress) Mens Wearhouse (suit)

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