Rainy Day Photographs

November 4, 2017

Alright so everyone naturally wants to cancel on a gloomy rainy day…but please first consider if it might work out to your advantage. Rainy day photography can add a lot of dynamics to your photographs. Adding an element that most people don’t get during their session. Lets not forget that rain is an important part of our lives. Plants, animals and people need rain to grow just as much as we need sunshine. Just like we need the good days and the bad days in our lives and relationships to grow closer to each other.

I was so excited when Nikki and Josh wanted to go ahead with their engagement session at Strouds Run State Park despite the rain and the cold. I just knew we’d be in for some good pictures no matter what the weather brought. The morning brought some clear skies as well as some rain, it was perfect.


wet rainy day engagement photography in Athens, Ohiolove on a rainy day engagement photo session




Here are some more examples from my wonderfully adventurous rainy day clients

senior in Athens Ohio with clear umbrella for rainy day photographs