Don’t Let Me Forget

September 15, 2019

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Don’t let me forget their littleness
the moments when I find myself so lucky
Don’t let me forget those little hands
That clutch me like I am everything they need
Don’t let me forget the sound of little feet
That follow me wherever I got
Don’t let me forget the power to hug away all their fears
calm them by simply being close by
Don’t let me forget the unique way they pronounce their words
or their brilliant made up stories
Because sometimes when the days are long
I find myself wishing they could just grow up a little faster, sleep a little longer, give me more freedom
But deep down I know someday I will yearn for
this precious, fleeting littleness
So while they are still little
let me bask in it a little longer
let me breath it in
and hold a little tighter
please don’t let me forget

~Author Unknown

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