A Photo Shoot with Dogs

August 25, 2020

The Ridges is one of the most well known landmarks in Athens Ohio and one of my favorite locations to shoot. It’s perfect for a photo shoot with dogs. The land is owned by Ohio University, but is open to the public to stroll, picnic, run or take photos at 🙂

This beautiful couple and I chose to use the field and woods side of the ridges complex so their dogs could run free and be dogs! My sessions typically have walking involved if you are able. We start out and just walk together, talk, get to know each other and wherever I see good light and scenery then I’ll stop us and help direct you where to stand and maybe a few prompts about what you might want to do. I won’t leave you hanging and let you figure it out on your own. I am your guide to great photos!

If you choose to bring your dog to your photo session then don’t forget your leash, treats and maybe a special toy we can use. These items will make the session go better and will help me be able to perk your dogs ear up and get him to look at me.

Connect with me if you want help planning your family photo session (with or without dogs) at the Ridges in Athens Ohio or I can help us figure the best place for your next family photos. I have tons of resources and ideas to get you the photos you didn’t know you wanted. Send me a message here.