Why Your Family Needs a Family Film

April 21, 2022

What is a Family Film? | Ohio Family Filmmaker + Photographer

“Did you grow last night?” I find myself saying this way more often than I like when I great my kids in the morning! Time just goes so slow and so fast at the very same time! While it’s going slow we feel like we have all the time in the world, but then we turn around and look at the past and it went so fast. As a Family Filmmaker I can help you with this.

If you are like me you probably spend a lot of time pulling out your phone and capturing moments here and moments there that bring you joy and you don’t want to forget. From quick phone pics to short video clips. Only problem with this is, that you are most likely in VERY few of them, which is fine for you… but your children would love to see you all together. Together doing life like you really do. This is where a family film comes in perfectly.

What is a Family Film?

A family film is a tangible way to keep your moments for generations to come. It is the “highlight reel” for where your family is right now. You could be in the chasing toddler around stage or cooking dinner together stage. The phases of life change before our eyes and there are so many moments you never want to forget…. for me a family film is for remembering…
the peek-a-boo game and running away giggling
the voice of my 3 year old saying “I love you”
the pancake breakfasts around the dining table together
the walks through the neighborhood

The difference between a family film and just photographs is that you get to feel the moments through the sounds and motions of the day. Its a photo that literally comes to life and will only get better and better as time marches on.

How do we do a Family Film?

A family film is uniquely yours. No two films are the same. A little bit more planning goes on before your session. After you decide that a family film is for you I will send you a questionnaire that will help you figure out what is important to you and your family. It will ask you questions about memories of your children and YOUR OWN childhood. We will talk about spaces in your home and life that are important to you. We will talk about things your children say that melt your heart and so on. Then we will schedule a phonecall/facetime with you and your significant other to chat about the details.

Whatever your story is, your natural family story will evolve and be yours to hold and treasure for years to come! Message me to chat about what your family film will look like.

Family films are new to Ohio and continuing to grow in popularity. I can’t wait to help you be among the first of your friends to capture your family as they are right now. I am a family filmmaker who can make a video for your family to treasure for a lifetime.

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5 Reasons to You Should Do a Family Film

Life goes to fast
You will not regret it
It only gets better with time
YOU get to be in the your story
Highlight Reel of your life right now

Family Filmmaker and Photographer

I am a family filmmaker and photographer with 10+ year of experience making your everyday into timeless memories for your family. With each film session you recieve a 4-5 min film as well as a collection of photos from our session together.

Thank you for reading through why your family needs a film and video session today. If you want more information on my family film and family photography sessions you can go here. You can see a blog post about this newborn family film session here. Or a day in the life session of this Cincinnati family film session here plus many more throughout my site.

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I love this Beth! I really enjoyed watching the family film for the Lyell family! So fun to see what they’re up to these days! I also LOVED all of the double exposures in it too! I really hope you can make a family film for us one day!!!

Just let me know when you want me to visit!

Oh my-now I need a family film for my family!!! These are beyond amazing and you are the best at capturing families in the moment!!!

awwww that means everything to me! Thank you so much!