Family Farm Wedding

August 23, 2020

This family farm wedding in Meigs County Ohio will always be memorable to me for so many reasons, just like 2020 is turning out to be so memorable. This small group of close friends and family were simply so fun and enjoyable to be with celebrating their day as they adjusted and modified their day based on stupid COVID and then the weather.

As a bride in this season of COVID you just have to be the most flexible as you possibly can be, and set out to enjoy your wedding day to the max with your closest family and friends. If your goal is to remember the whole reason for your marriage to begin with is centered around the two of you joining your lives together then you’ll be alright. This couple did just that through their planning process and their wedding day that ended up covered in rain (with the exception of the hour when the sun came out for the ceremony — Hallelujah). The rain may have ended up being one of the most memorable parts of the evening as they got to play and jump and get messy in the puddles that joined the party.

Thanks for inviting me to the best day of your lives!