Hocking Hills Family Film

August 27, 2020

I love being a Hocking Hills photographer. What I love the most about my job is meeting with a family for a film and photography session in their backyard. I get to be there and help you capture the fleeting moments that pass by so quickly. The beauty of a film being wrapped into a photography session is that now you get to remember the way your one year old sad momma and dada (because it will change and you will forget). For the life of me I can not remember the way my daughter would say her brothers name when she was three. All I remember was that I loved it, but just can’t recall it. I wish I had that recorded (even just on my phone for heavens sake). To have a family video of ALL of us in in when he was just one and she was three would be so divine. To see the way I could fit my babes in my lap and the way their dad used to throw them up in the air. The way we would comfort them when they were sad. Ugggg I wish I could hold onto those days. I’m sure I wish I could hold onto these days in the exact same way when we are 5 years down the road still!

I spend a brief afternoon with this family on their property just outside Hocking Hills to capture their family memories in photos. I love being a photographer in this area of Ohio. To be able to get outside into nature and use all of its beauty as our backdrop. Capturing this family and their walk to the creek was a joy with them and their dogs and cats along for the trip too!

Beth is a Hocking Hills Photographer based around the Appalatian hills of south east Ohio. See the winter wedding I photographed in February at the Hocking Hills here.