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April 29, 2022

As an Athens birth photographer I was on call from about 37 or 38 weeks gestation until mommma and baby are ready. This momma was about 38 weeks when I got the call around 6am on a Sunday morning. The sun was shining and it was the most beautiful morning. Lauren, the midwife from Ohio Hills Midwifery was on her way too. We both had about a 40 min drive. I poured my coffee and was on my way. I made to to their home for the birth around 7am. Lauren had arrived just a few minutes before me and was still getting situated. I got my cameras ready. The house was so quiet and serene and mom was so in the zone, besides when she was having a contraction the house was 100% quiet.

Beauty of Time

The beauty of being a birth photographer is getting to be a witness and be an observer to this life changing moment. Then give it back to you. As the woman in labor it is so hard to remember many of the details from the day and that is what I’m here to give back to you. Personally I have the worst memory and even for me and the two births I had with my own children I would not remember any of it, if it were not for the photos I have from the birth. They told the story back to me. And now tell the story to my children and I am forever grateful for that.

Birth Photography and Videography

K gave birth to her beautiful baby girl just 10 or so minutes after I had my camera in hand. I was there for it just in time for capturing her and her supportive husband in the tub along side she delivered their baby. It was the most beautiful moment. I was able to stay for so much of time they spent together after the birth as a new little family, before they would be rushed back into a family of seven! Enjoy these birth photos (below) and birth video (above).

Contact me as soon as you can if you are interested in me capturing your birth. I only take on two of these a year and need as much notice as possible to block off my calendar.


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