Just a day : Part I

December 6, 2017

Days upon days go on without even noticing. Time doesn’t hold still, it just keeps going and before you know it has passed and you weren’t even able to catch it. I find even the most normal of days to hold be such a treasure chest of memories. To be on the outside looking in on the experience is fun. You see all the teaching moments to get this apple and not that apple. You see all the tantrums. You see all the sweet moments too like kissing in the aisles. Who knew grocery shopping was such great Athens family fun?!?!

I had a great time shopping with this family. In part one of their photo session they went grocery shopping to gather the ingredients (and more) to make Christmas cookies. Check out part two of their session, where they make a huge mess making their Christmas cookies. I would love to hang out with you on a normal day too! See more here.


Now check out their Christmas cookies.