Magical Christmas Winter Elopement

June 3, 2018

I know it’s summer, so naturally I’m thinking about winter already and this wonderful winter elopement wedding on the streets of Athens, Ohio. No but really I was thinking if it’s summer then you might be heavy in planning your winter wedding right now… and winter weddings can be scary. You never know what the weather might do…could be some beautiful snow or it could be 60 degrees like it was at this wedding the day after Christmas. So I’m here to reassure you that winter weddings are awesome and I for one really like them.


The bride and groom share many of their favorite memories from the day and I share many of my favorite photographs. The weather was perfect on this December day in Ohio.

(Bride) When you think back to your wedding day what memory brings you the most joy:

The whole day was perfect! But I think the memory that brings me the most joy was the whole sequence of rounding the doorway of the sanctuary to begin my walk down the aisle and seeing Corey at the altar beaming at me.

(Groom) When you think back to your wedding day what memory brings you the most joy:

I’m going to echo what Elizabeth said. I thought I was going to be nervous while waiting for her at the altar but I was only excited. The anticipation of waiting to see her into finally having her come through the doorway is what sticks out most in my memory. That first moment of seeing her in her dress is and will always be one of the happiest memories of my life.

What’s your favorite photograph from the day:

Elizabeth: The one where we’re holding the “his” and “hers” signs and looking at each other.

Corey: The whispering one that Beth posted on FB, I can almost hear Elizabeth’s laugh in that one.

Describe for me how the day unfolded:

Elizabeth: I stayed with my parents and my sister at their house on Christmas night. My family and I made the drive to Athens the morning of the 26th. I got my hair done really quickly at the salon inside of Walmart and then went straight to the church to finished getting ready (makeup, dress, gift from mother-in-law, etc). After the wedding ceremony, we had our photoshoot with Beth, which was so fun! We then finished taking photos at our reception site, the Court Street Diner, and then had our reception dinner with our families. After we parted ways with our parents, we went to the Baymont Inn to have a little honeymoon stay-away.

Corey: I stayed at our apartment the night of Christmas with my best man, Joshua Moore. We got up early the morning of the 26th and got
things ready to go. My parents met us at the apartment and we made our way to the church. We tried desperately not to arrive at the same time as Elizabeth and her family as to avoid seeing the bride before the ceremony but we managed to get there at the same time anyway! After the amazing ceremony which was over in what felt like a heartbeat, we had our photo shoot with Beth. It was so much fun working with her and coming up with photo ideas around Athens and in the Court Street Diner where we had our reception (the weather was amazing, especially for the day after Xmas!). After a lovely time with our families, everyone parted ways and we headed to the Baymont Inn to, as Elizabeth says, have a little honeymoon stay-way. It was truly a perfect day.

Wedding venue name:
First Presbyterian Church

Wedding Reception Venue: Court Street Diner

Flower vendor:
flowers were purchased from and arranged by the bride’s mother

Cake Vendor:
cake was provided by the reception site, the Court Street Diner

My dress is from (Bridal shop name):
dress was off the rack from JC Penney