My Favorite Family Photos and Films of 2022

December 29, 2022

It is just after Christmas and I’m sitting here in my living room by the warmth of the fire. All the presents have been opened and things have settled down a bit. Finally I’m able to reflect on all the my favorite family photos and films 2022 has brought me. After over 10 years of business I can say that the years just keep getting better and better! I have hit my stride with finding the most wonderful families and couples for clients. I don’t know how you guys find me, but I am so lucky to have nothing but great experiences with ALL of you!

I have not been great the last few months about posting on social media. So now you can scroll through this post and easily catch up with all the family photos that I’ve been doing this year. This year has been a very successful. I have completed 110 projects with clients, 335 prints have been delivered, 2 wedding films and 5 family films have been created.

I hope you can take a look at all the photos and videos in this post that I selected as some of my favorites. It is really enjoyable for me to look through the recap from the year. It’s like a beautiful portfolio review just for me.

For me you are not just clients, but a part of my life. These are your family memories, but they are just as much memories for me too. I spend time with you planning your session, then we are together at your session. Finally, I spend hours “with you” on my computer as I edit your photos. Your family really becomes a part of me. Not to forget your Ohio weddings become a moment frozen in time for me as well as you. I often get so caught up in your stories that I too shed some tears.

I could easily go through each of the 110 photo shoots I did this year and collect 10 more favorites from each and everyone of them to share with you. I know you don’t have all day to sit here and scroll through all those photos, so I tried to make it short as sweet for you with just 50 of my favorite shots from the year. If you want to see even more head over to my instagram for more family photos from families throughout Ohio.